How to exchange the world (English)


How to exchange the world (English)

Videre is supporter of the project how to exchange the world. For every student that Videre is coaching an amount will be donated to the project. Beside that we will inspire young people by the vision and positive stories of Anna and Andrea.

Daily we are flooded by all kind of misery and negative newsfacts. De Good News Letter I recieve frequently in my newsbox is full of stories of inspired people who initiate projects in their community wich have a positive effect on this community. In this way they make the world a bit more beautiful.

Anna and Andrea are traveling around the world to find and visit changemakers. In exchange of food, a place to sleep and help to plan the next step they support them with their knowledge, skills and network. Their project is an example for young people because it shows how an ideal, dream or idea can grow to something beautiful and big.

In the changemaker-courses they organize all over the world they help young people to give hands and feet to their dreams and ideas. This dreams doens’t have to be earth shocking or big, it’s important they are from the heart.

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The Dutch poet Remco Campert wrote a beautiful poem about change.

change doens’t start with big words
but with small action

like a storm with quiet rustling in the garden
or a cat that has the temper on him

like broad rivers
with a small source
hidden in the forest

like a sea of fire
with the same match
that lightens the cigaret

like love with a glance
a touch something that will strike you in a voice

asking yourself a question
thats how change starts

and then ask that question to someone else

“Op basis van 25 jaar ervaring
en een eigentijdse visie op studiekeuze
hanteert Videre een unieke studiekeuze methodiek”